artisans FAQ

Q: I’m interested in becoming an artisan at the artisans exchange. How do I go about getting my work in the shop?

A: We are a juried collection that runs on a consignment model. To start the selection process- just send us, via email, some photos of your work. We don’t expect you to be a photographer, just get shots that show the work. Please also give us a rough ballpark idea of how much you’d like to sell them for, considering the 60/40 split. We’d be happy to help you with this, if setting prices is not your forte (many people have difficulty with this). We will review your photos within 1-2 weeks. We will consider whether or not your work, or some portion of it, fits in the space & with the collection. We do try to avoid close stylistic overlap between artisans. We’ll also take into consideration if your work would suit our customer demographic/price point. If we feel that your work is something that meets all of these criteria, then we’ll set up a time for you to bring your inventory in & sign a contract.

Q: re: section II of the contract. The first sentence reads, “Company shall have the exclusive right to market and sell the Consigned Property.” Can you clarify this sentence for me: Does this mean you have the “exclusive” right to sell my work and I can not consign the same items elsewhere -or does this only refer to the items you actually have from me in your shop?Are you asking to be the only store which will carry my product?

A: Absolutely not!  You may sell wherever you choose, that section is meant to reflect that what is in the store for physical items remains in the store. It is meant to mean that what is in our shop stays here for the term of contract. Simply stated, if you are doing a craft show or fair, you cannot come and pull your items from our store for said fair and then expect to return whatever does not sell.
You may sell wherever else you choose! Online, in store, where ever you choose!!
We also encourage you to mention and market that your items are at the shop. Please use our hashtags/social media/etc to do so.
That clause is meant for one of a kind items that are here. If you are selling the same “one of a kind” piece of art work (something not reproducible) you cannot sell it out from under us, or market it online unless you intend to sell it through us.

Q: It says that AE is able to terminate the relationship at any time. If this were to happen, it sounds like there is language that says that artwork may not be returned? (IX)  I don’t think I’m reading that correctly.  Could you please explain that? 

A: If we should terminate your contract (as you may notice, these contracts have no actual date of termination) we must try to set up an appointment to return your work at an agreeable time to both parties. We must make a reasonable effort to do so. However, after 90 days and a certified letter, we may give up trying & assume ownership.

click above for the artisans exchange consignment contract

Current artisans- please use THIS FILE when you bring us new inventory. Thank you.